All Supplies And Equipment Are Specially Imported From The US!


The Problem

Indonesia's music industry has been growing rapidly in recent years as a result of an increasing number of schools and universities offering music programmes.  Unfortunately, dents in brass instruments like the ones in the picture on the left occur often, even in brass bands managed by experienced music teachers. Stuck mouthpieces, stuck slides and sluggish valves are also depressingly common. 

There is also the hidden damage that results in both woodwind and brass instruments when saliva and food particles lead to the build-up of germs. If left untreated, condensation in the tubing also produces corrosion.  
Meanwhile, attempts by amateurs to carry out repairs frequently leads to even greater damage. 

​Sadly, there are few technicians with Indonesia with the skill or the equipment to carry out the necessary repairs. Often, local musicians are forced to send their instruments to Singapore, where the price of repair can be very high

The Solution

PT Legato Internasional technicians repair musical instruments using only tools used by professionals. This includes tools such as neodymium magnets, knuckle tools, mandrels and dent rollers imported directly from the United States. 

Those concerned about the build-up of bacteria inside the tubing can also rest assured that our chemical clean service results in the destruction of 99% of all germs.

Because the repairs are carried out in Indonesia where rentals and other business costs are lower than in Singapore, we can afford to pass on the resulting savings to our customers.

The Repair Process

Bell Section


Removal Of Crook


Dents Before Repair