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Over the years the internal tubing of wind instruments can get so dirty that even soap and water cannot solve the problem! At PT Legato Internasional we offer a complete chemical clean designed to remove the most stubborn dirt and bacteria.

For brass instruments in constant use, such chemical cleaning is recommended every one or two years. 

Full servicing on brass instruments also involves freeing stuck slides, as well as replacing worn valve felts and water key corks whenever necessary.

On woodwinds full servicing includes replacing the pads, springs and corks on flutes, clarinets and all types of saxophones. 



Available repairs include the removal dents in the bell and other areas of both brass and woodwind instruments. We also also able to repair stuck or sluggish pistons due to valve casing damage. Accidents do happen, and we are here to assist!

We offer free consultations and cost estimates on brass and woodwind instruments brought to us for repair. Be assured that no work will be carried out without your full agreement. 

​Please understand that since some repairs are considerably more difficult than others, our prices may vary. 

For example, a sluggish or stuck piston may have many causes, all requiring different solutions. These causes include the buildup of dirt, damaged casings and misaligned valve stems. 

Similarly, while most stuck slides are the result of neglect, some are produced by physical trauma.



At Legato Internasional we are very proud of the quality of the second hand musical instruments that we sell. All have been serviced and chemically cleaned. We therefore offer a guarantee that the instruments we sell will operate without problems for a period of six months after the date of sale. 

During the guarantee period Legato Internasional will release any stuck mouthpieces, slides or valves of these instruments that are the result of the buildup of dirt or gunk.

We are also proud of the quality of our workmanship. We therefore also offer a six-month guarantee on any repairs we make to woodwind or brass instruments. 

In addition, as a token of appreciation to such customers, Legato Internasional offers a 50% discount on any additional repairs to the instrument concerned during the guarantee period. 

Please note that the above guarantee does not apply to (1) the quality of the lacquer, silver, or nickel plating on second hand instruments sold; (2) Subsequent damage resulting from misuse or accident of any kind; and (3) the cost of sending the affected instrument to our workshop in Medan. 


Repair Tips

Buying a second-hand brass instrument
by Dr Bruce Gale

Physical Inspection
When inspecting a brass instrument for possible purchase, look for the following telltale signs:

General appearance:
Check for dents. All dents will affect the intonation of an instrument. The bigger the dent, the more serious the potential intonation problem. Check for pitting, especially around the valve casings. This is usually the result of heavy use by players with excessive acid in their perspiration. Check the water key for leakage. This key may be misaligned, or the cork may need replacing.

Look for small pink dots (actually copper residue) inside the leadpipe or the slides. This is called red rot, and is the result of the dezincification of brass. It is evidence of serious neglect. Once dezincification has begun it is impossible to stop. LEGATO INTERNASIONAL DOES NOT SELL SUCH INSTRUMENTS!

Take out the valves and look at them closely for signs of wear. A poor playing habit is to press the valves at a slight angle rather than straight down. This can damage the coating on the valves, and is usually evidenced by a heavy vertical line.

Do the valves bounce when pressed and then released? This indicates that the springs need to be replaced. Do the valves "wriggle" inside the casing? This is an even worse sign of excessive wear, and suggests that the instrument may give serious trouble.  LEGATO INTERNASIONAL DOES NOT SELL SUCH INSTRUMENTS!

Check that all slides can be removed and replaced freely.

Check the slide and valve compression by pulling out a valve slide, then depressing the corresponding valve and listening for the 'pop' as the air pressure equalises. The absence of such a sound indicates that the air seal has been compromised. [This is suggested as a test only. Do not make a habit of doing it. Excessive 'popping' can damage the instrument.] 

On a trombone, check for slide compression by placing one thumb over one end of the tube openings and the thumb of the other hand on the other opening. If the slide moves, then the compression is weak. 

Trombone slides should move freely. Poor alignment is also indicated by well-worn spots on the slide.
(See the Repair Tips section of this website for more articles)

About PT Legato Internasional

PT Legato Internasional is an Indonesian-run company committed to providing quality brass and woodwind instrument repair services without the high prices charged by technicians in neighbouring countries. All the tools used by PT Legato Internasional for repair work are imported from the United States.

PT Legato Internasional employs the latest repair technology. This includes powerful neodymium magnets capable of removing dents from brass instruments at a fraction of the cost using traditional methods.

Our technicians are based in Medan, North Sumatra, but we regularly service and repair brass and woodwind instruments from across the archipelago. If you have any suggestions about how we can serve you better, please contact us.